The Second Decade


During the next of couple years, efforts were directed towards expanding our accessory line to include Sandblasters, Flow-sensitive Pressure Unloaders, Thermo Valves, Pop-off Valves, Strainers, Accumulators and 5000 PSI Guns to match each CAT PUMP and meet application needs.


Cat Pumps were the leading players in making Reverse Osmosis systems reliable. Of all pumps supplied to the British Navy for the Falklands crisis, only Cat Pumps did not fail. 1982 was the introduction of the first two 35 Frame pumps rated at 36 GPM, 1000 PSI, the Model 3535 and the Nickel Aluminum Bronze version Model 3537, used in Reverse Osmosis.


Introduction of a new breed, the Direct Drive Cat Pumps. Special high RPM versions of the proven dependable Models 270 and 310 provided a variety of Gearbox and 1725 RPM Motorized Direct Drive pump units. The Model 279 (3.5 GPM, 1500 PSI) and the Model 34G1 (4.0 GPM, 2000 PSI) were the first two gearbox pump units providing simple, direct mounting to gas engines.

The 230, 240, 270, 340, 350 models provided the driving force behind a variety of Motorized Pump Units offering an economical, compact, lightweight, motorized pump unit with 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 HP motor options.

Cat Pumps also expanded the 35 Frame pump series with the 3507 (9 GPM, 5000 PSI), 3517 (14 GPM, 3000 PSI) and the 3527 (23 GPM, 2000 PSI) to meet the growing industrial needs in hydrostatic testing, sewer cleaning, jet cutting and water hydraulic applications. Although first introduced as cleaning pumps, Cat Pumps outstanding performance reputation soon had it "specified" in many specialized industrial applications. And Cat Pumps began "custom designing and modifying" pumps such as our 551, which supplied power to robots in the nuclear industry to strip fuel rods.


Our dependability and long life in Reverse Osmosis encouraged the development of additional Nickel Aluminum Bronze Plunger Pumps including the Models 277, 317, 1057 and 3527. The smaller models were available in the standard belt drive version, as well as direct drive and gearbox, providing a pump for just about every need.


Two special 316 Stainless Steel Plunger Pump Models were added to the Cat Pumps' line. The Model 651 (7 GPM, 3000 PSI) and the Model 1051 (10 GPM, 2200 PSI) were constructed of 316 Stainless Steel and provided additional fluid and high temperature compatibilities. Coordinating Stainless Steel Regulators and Pulsation Dampeners were also added to the line. The year also brought more accessories such as different styles of Pressure and Flow Sensitive Unloaders, Custom I and II Guns and Chemical Injectors to satisfy a multitude of cleaning needs.


A revolutionary new pump, combining our rugged plunger pump design with the unique "UNIFLOW" concept, created the ultra compact, direct drive "SuperFlow" Plunger Pumps. These SF Models were capable of operation up to 3600 RPM and came complete with a Regulating Unloader for pressure regulation and pump safety. The (E) Electric Models were available with a 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 HP electric motor. The (G) Gas Models could be mounted directly to any gas engine without the need of a gearbox. The new 60 Frame 6767 plunger pump, built of Nickel Aluminum Bronze and 316 Stainless Steel wet-end components, become a key component in Reverse Osmosis systems, as well as large central cleaning, processing, mining and vehicle wash systems.

Also, in 1986 Cat Pumps delivered a most unique accessory to the CAT PUMP line to help minimize problems associated with inlet pressure fluctuations. The C.A.T. (Captive Acceleration Tube) installed at the inlet of the pump stabilized pressure fluctuations caused by long feed lines, booster pumps or pressure spikes from regulating valves. It proved especially helpful in prolonging the life and performance of Reverse Osmosis pumps.


Announced the expansion of the tremendously successful SF Plunger Pumps with the new 4SF Models. Six new units expanded the performance of the SF pumps to 2000 PSI, 5.0 GPM. Like the 2SF models, these new 4SF pumps came complete with a Regulating Unloader and mounted directly to either a gas engine or electric motor. Eight motorized units were available with either a 5.0 HP or 7.5 HP electric motor.

This was also the year for the addition of the Stainless Steel 35 Frame Models 3521 and 3531 providing increased tolerance to the harsh conditions of brackish and saltwater.


Introduction of a unique new accessory designed to throttle down your engine when your trigger gun was released. The patented Throttle Controller prolongs engine life and reduces fuel consumption.


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