1990 - 1999

1990 - 1999

The Third Decade




Introduced the new 5 Frame "HS" Series in answer to the market demand for larger horsepower, direct drive performance, but small compact sizing. The Model 42HS delivered 4.5 GPM at 2000 PSI, the Model 43HS delivered 4.0 GPM at 3000 PSI. These units mount directly to gas engines with the use of a bell housing and flexible coupling. A sister Model 45 offered similar high performance for those desiring a belt drive system.



The compactness and excellent performance of the 2SF and 4SF pumps have made them the leading pressure washer pump. To enhance their performance, these units were upgraded to 2000 PSI on the 2SF and 3000 PSI on the 4SF. For added convenience these models were offered with a built-in by-pass hose, Thermo Valve and chemical injector for added protection and versatility.

The outstanding performance of the 2SF pump and the need for a quality industrial cleaning unit our distributors did not have to fabricate themselves, prompted the birth of the TUFF CAT. This compact, complete cleaning system included a totally enclosed pump and motor along with gun, hose lance, chemical injector, vari-nozzle and GFCI power cord. This gave our distributors a quality and versatility not previously available in an off-the-shelf, portable, cold water or Hi-Temp unit.



The market for 316 Stainless Steel pumps began to expand due to growing requests from the Reverse Osmosis and specialized industrial equipment OEMs. Our answer to these needs was the 68 Frame plunger pumps, constructed of 316 Stainless Steel block style manifold heads offering both strength and chemical compatibility. The Model 6811 was rated at 15 GPM with up to 7000 PSI for industrial blasting and cutting, the Model 6821 was rated at 25 GPM, 3000 PSI for chemical injection and surface prep. The Models 6841 (48 GPM, 2000 PSI) and 6861 (70 GPM, 1000 PSI) were for Reverse Osmosis and various cleaning and misting/humidification applications. This same year the 35 Frame also expanded to the block style 316 stainless steel head with the Model 3801 (9 GPM, 5000 PSI), 3821 (23 GPM, 2000 PSI) and 3831 (36 GPM, 1200 PSI).



With the growing demand for high quality, dependable, larger capacity pumps and the need for fast turn-around on complete systems, Cat Pumps introduced the Power Units. These custom designed, 10-70 hp skid mounted complete packages include either an epoxy coated steel or 304 stainless steel base, belt guard, adjustable motor mount, electric, hydraulic, gas or diesel drive, pump and all the necessary accessories to control and protect the system. We have continued our response to industrial market needs with our performance in applications such as odor control and arduous industrial waste treatment.

Thomas "Kelly" Shultis celebrated 20 years with Cat Pumps. Kelly started in pump repair and testing. As Product Development Manager, he coordinates all new product design and testing. Kelly enjoys the application challenges and the opportunity of working with so many talented distributors and OEM accounts.

Ed Fossen celebrated 25 years with Cat Pumps. In his early years , Ed started in R&D testing and shipping pumps, later became sales coordinator and is presently the Midwestern Regional Manager. He truly appreciates the close working relationship he has developed with his accounts.




Introduction of the new ultra-compact, but powerful plunger pump Model 70, delivering 5000 PSI at 5 GPM at a new affordable price. Available in either belt drive or gearbox, this new pump offered tremendous power for its size. Also this year the 4HP plunger pump with a new design crankcase and modular built-in unloader was introduced. This economy version direct drive pump offers 3.5 or 4.0 GPM at 3000 PSI for the portable pressure cleaning industry. When Paul Ophoff, General Manager of our Belgium office, started in 1974, he was impressed by the quality of our pumps. And now over 20 years later, he still feels we sell the highest quality pumps, resulting in the most economical pump to run.




The most popular pressure washer pumps underwent further changes this year with the addition of a sleeved-piston rod to simplify servicing. The 4SF sleeved version upgraded to 3500 PSI at 3.5 GPM or 4.0 GPM. To meet the growing needs for a dependable but economical small pressure washer pump, Cat Pumps introduced the vertical shafted 2X pumps which mount directly to the very affordable vertical shaft engines. The new Hot'n Dry pumps were also introduced in 1995. Various plunger pump models can be modified to a special Hi-temp, Hi-pressure Seals to handle pumped fluid up to 190°F. These higher temperatures are necessary for many applications including carpet cleaning and sanitizing.

Lez Warren, General Manager of our U.K. office, has been the spearhead since 1975 in the development of many specialty pumps for ice cream plants, leachate treatment and high temperatures. It was his diligence and dedication to customer needs that resulted in the development of the C.A.T., a remedy for stabilizing system inlet pressures.

Darla Jean Thompson celebrated 25 years with Cat Pumps. She started posting inventory, typing packing lists, handling collections and taking pump orders before becoming Director of Marketing. Whether she's creating an ad, working at a trade show, writing a new technical manual or updating the web site, offering customer solutions with CAT PUMPS® is her focus.

Gary Kanne celebrated 20 years with Cat Pumps. As a regional manager for the Western Region, Gary reflects on how the pump market has grown over the years and remembers the sales figures that were a struggle to achieve for an entire year are now nearly achievable in a single week.




Was the introduction of the new 2DX and 5DX direct drive pumps. These offered a high performance pump at a lower cost than the 2SF and 4SF pumps for the highly competitive pressure washer industry. Both the 2DX and 5DX feature a modular style unloader with a built-in by-pass channel for an ultra compact assembly and easy direct mounting to gas engines.




Introduced the new generation CP series Cat Pumps. The new 3CP and 5CP pumps offer greater capacity at a very economical price. They feature the new press-in style seal case for easier servicing, eight bolt manifold mounting for added strength at the new higher performances, high strength forged brass head or "W770" head on the 5CP2120W model offering washout and freeze protection. New Gearbox versions 3CP1120G and 5CP5150G1 offer convenient direct mount to gas engines and continuous-duty performance for the industrial cleaning projects. The new 5CP6121, 316SS model offers greater compatibility at a greatly reduced price.


The block-style Model 781 also made its debut this year, offering the flushing feature, high inlet capabilities, and 316SS construction at 4.5 GPM, 5000 PSI.




The 35 Frame expanded with the addition of a 316SS cast manifold for the 45 GPM model 3541 offering another option for the industrial chemical and water treatment markets.


We responded to the Carpet Cleaning Industry's need for a longer lasting pump with the introduction of the 1LX series. This ultra-compact pump features an RTP (reinforced thermal plastic) body and offers greater pressure and 2-3 times longer life than other similar models. Its whisper quiet performance and no-leaks operation provided the answers to the industry problems.




The very popular mid-size 25 Frame pump expanded with a 316SS model 2531. The performance of both the 2531 and the fresh water, 2530, expanded to 25 GPM @ 1000 PSI offering greater capacity from a midsize package.


A new CP model was also added. The 7CP6170 rated at 11.0 GPM @ 2000 PSI is a new economical alternative for dual gun cleaning systems.


With the increasing demand for specialty pumps for water purification and misting, we expended the 2SF pump line to include four new 316SS models. Operating at 1725 RPM, they offer 1.0, 2.5, 2.85 and 3.5 GPM. They are available with an optional 316SS regulator and 1.5 or 3.0 HP motor.


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