2000 - 2009

2000 - 2009

The Fourth Decade


New larger capacity pumps, reciprocating pumps and complementary end-suction centrifugal pumps have been added to our line.

Cat Pumps acquired RAM PUMPS of the U.K. adding larger capacity performance up to 240 GPM. The 150 Frame R-Series pumps include models 152R060, 152080 and 152100. Duplex Stainless Steel heads, solid ceramic plungers and PTFE/Kevlar non-adjusting packings are standard features on these pumps. Custom built models meet API 674 standards required by the oil and gas market.


Cat Pumps adds a line of complementary submersible and end-suction centrifugal pumps. These pumps are all 304SS stainless steel construction but priced like cast iron. They offer higher efficiencies and longer life. Capacities up to 380 GPM, 125 PSI, 15 HP.


Additional 15 and 25 Frame pumps offer flexibility in multi-gun cleaning, underground boring and machine tool coolant applications. Models 1530 and 1531 are rated at 15.6 GPM, 1500 PSI. The model 2510 is rated at 20 GPM, 2000 PSI and the 2511 at 20 GPM, 1500 PSI. These pumps provide industrial high pressure performance in a compact frame.


The popular and economical direct-drive 5DX pressure washer pump line expands with the 6DX40G1 [4 GPM @ 4000 PSI] and 6DX35G1 [3.5 GPM @ 4000 PSI]. These direct-drive models mount easily to gas engines and come complete with modular regulating unloader for safety and pressure setting.


Cat Pumps announces another new direct-drive plunger pump for the protable cleaning industry. The new design 3SP series pumps offer superior reliability and long life at a new low price. The 3SP30G1I gas model delivers 3.0 GPM @ 3000 PSI. The 3SP35GEI electric model delivers 3.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI. Both models are direct flange-mount style pumps with a new streamline ribbed crankcase. Each pump includes a regulating unloader and fixed chemical injector.


The pressure washer market wanted a high quality, low priced pump and we delivered. Three new direct-drive 3DX models offer performance at 2.5, 2.7 and 3.0 GPM @ 2500 PSI. Standard features are easy-to-service 304SS stacked valve assemblies, modular regulating unloader and fixed chemical injector.


After thousands of pumps, the crankcase mold for 5DX and 6DX pumps was retired. These pumps have combined into the new 66DX series. The 66DX40G1I is rated at 4.0 GPM @ 4000 PSI and the 66DX35G1I is rated at 3.5 GPM @ 4000 PSI. The same high quality internal components are used, but it has a new streamline look. Modular unloader and fixed chemical injector are standard features.


The new high performance mid-sized pump Model 1540 is the perfect answer for those tougher cleaning tasks with a rating of 18 GPM @ 1200 PSI. This 15 Frame pump is designed for continuous-duty applications such as automatic vehicle washing, hydro-excavating, sewer and pipe cleaning, coolant flushing and central cleaning systems. The compact footprint and moderate weight make it ideal for stationary installations, as well as, cart, truck and trailer mounts.


The compact footprint and moderate weight make this Stainless Steel Model 2511 high pressure plunger pump ideal for portable in-plant cleaning and truck or trailer mounted in-field operations. The model 2511 is rated at 20 GPM, 1500 PSI and is constructed with a 316SS liquid-end for added strength and compatibility.


The ultra-compact 2SF regulating unloader is now available in 316SS to fit the stainless steel 2SF pump models. Ideal for D.I. water, seawater and other chemicals. Removing the check valve permits regulating-relief valve performance.


The new Model 3560 industrial reciprocating pump is in direct response to market demands for a compact, portable, high-pressure pump for sewer and pipe cleaning and hydro excavating. The dual high-pressure performance of 20 GPM @ 4000 PSI or 25 GPM @ 3000 PSI is also ideal for wet blasting, surface prep, hydrostatic pressure testing and injection applications. Now, 4000 PSI performance is available in an affordable, portable pump.


Custom pump units continue to grow. A full range of jetting pumps was developed using our patented MAG-JET jetting valve. The MAG-JET conveniently mounts into the inlet valve plug on many pump models and with an easy push-pull, you activate the jetting action or return to full flow, high pressure cleaning. The unique design eliminates dry pumping chambers and preserves the traditional long seal life.


The new 1051C plunger pump with flushed inlet manifold features a similar Lo-Pressure seal flushing option as the block-style pumps. For applications pumping low lubricity liquids, such as DI water, this added flush enhances seal life and extends maintenance cycles.


Continued interest and need for Duplex Stainless Steel has resulted in the addition of the model 6762 plunger pump. This triplex reciprocating plunger pump features a duplex stainless steel head that offers additional corrosion resistance in aggressive sea water desalination applications or with mild chemicals.


New flushed SS cast manifold pumps have been added to our line. The flushed pump models 3521C, 3531C and 3541C feature a special ported inlet manifold to handle an external flush liquid. This flushing liquid provides added lubrication when pumping DI water and other low lubricity liquids and cooling when pumping high temperature liquids. CAT PUMPS® is the exclusive supplier of flushed pumps for DI water gas turbine misting systems. The flushed pumps significantly extend the life of the seals when pumping difficult liquids.


There is an increasing interest in CO2 as an environmentally friendly alternative to other chemicals which has led to many innovative applications. Cat Pumps has introduced several new liquid CO2 Pumps including: 1951, 2831K.CO2, 3831K.CO2, 6861K.CO2, 784KM and 6821KM. Cat Pumps positive displacement plunger pumps offer lower running costs, reduced maintenance and eliminate extra cooling and booster pumps.


Portable foam firefighting pump systems were added to our line for close attack and quick access to brush, grass and woodland fires. These portable foam pump units easily mount onto ATV, pick-up trucks or utility vehicles. They provide fast knock down and low water usage. These foam firefighting pump systems feature the dual foam gun.


Cat Pumps satisfied the market need for a hydraulic powered high pressure cleaner with our custom portable hydraulic powered pump systems. These hydraulic powered units are designed to work with the existing truck hydraulics such as cement trucks, ag spraying units and pumper trucks. These custom hydraulic driven high-pressure cleaning systems are available across the entire product range. Each unit is custom designed for the specific application and fitted with optional accessories.


In response to OEM requirements for greater resistance to moisture in wet car wash pump installations, the very popular Model 1540 pump has been upgraded to the 1540E car wash pump featuring a durable blue 2 mil epoxy paint treatment on the crankcase, rear cover and bearing covers and a special Liquid Gasket between the crankcase and manifold to seal out moisture.


Our reputation for quality, dependable performance and ease of service has permeated the consumer and commercial pressure washer market. Three new pressure washer pumps gained the spotlight: 3DNX27GSI, 3SPX30G1I and 66DX40G1I. providing quality cleaning for the 3-4 GPM 3000-4000 PSI pressure washers.


Additional flushed pumps have been added to the line to provided extended seal life when pumping high temperature liquids or low lubricity liquids. Like their SS companion pumps, these Brass flushed pump models 3520C, 3535C, 3537C, 6767C also feature the ported inlet manifold permitting an external flush for cooling and lubricating.


6350 Pulse Pump permits chemical application at high pressures of 500 to 3000 PSI. The 6350 Pulse Pump conveniently mounts onto the pump head in the center inlet valve port of several pump models including: 3FR and 3CP, 5FR and 5CP, 7FR and 7CP and 15 FR. Your high-pressure pump sees no chemical.


The Model 1560 high pressure blasting and jetting pump offers a compact but powerful option for heavy-duty cleaning applications. It is rated at 8 GPM up to 4000 PSI and comes with a ¼" port in the front of the manifold head ready to receive the jetting attachment.


The new 311C and 661C flushed pump were added to our flushed pumps line. These flushed pumps permit an external flushing liquid that provides added cooling with high temp liquids and added lubrication with low lubricity liquids such as DI water.


The new 7CP6110 close-coupled, direct-drive pump provide cleaning power in a compact footprint. This single extended shaft 7CP plunger pump mounts onto a motor using a bell housing and flexible coupling. Two Motor-Pump Units are available:

  • 7CP6110BH103 10 GPM, 1460 PSI 10 HP
  • 7CP6110BH153 10 GPM, 2000 PSI 15 HP

The new 6801 high pressure plunger pump delivers continuous-duty performance at 15 GPM up to 7000 PSI and features a Duplex stainless steel discharge manifold for durability at these high pressures. Ideal for Hydrostatic Testing, highway/runway cleaning and chemical Injection.


The demand for Stainless Steel and Flushed Pumps continues to expand so the 3511 and3511C flushed version were added to our line. The 14 GM @ 3000 PSI performance is suitable for DI water misting or chemical injection.


Heavy equipment wash, truck wash multiple station cleaning all appreciate the added performance of the new expanded performance on the 60 Frame Positive displacement Pumps. The models 6775, 6771, 6777 are rated up to 75 GPM and are available in Brass, SS and NAB to meet a wide spectrum of industrial liquid handling requirements.


Cat Pumps extends pressures to 10,000 PSI with the new 1810 high pressure plunger pump. This compact design and low pulsation pump delivers 3GPM for hydrostatic testing and injection applications.


New 75 GPM pressure regulator works well with the new 75 GPM pumps. The 7375 and 7676 regulators feature the durable conical piston design and require only 5% by-pass. Ideal for multiple nozzles, multiple cleaning stations or multiple pumps pressure regulation and over-pressure protection. 1000 PSI and 2000 PSI Models.


New Stainless Steel 7710-7720 10,000 PSI Pressure Regulator provides system pressure setting and overpressure protection for both the 6801 - 7000 PSI pumps and 1810 -10,000 PSI pumps.


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