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Pressure Regulators Unloaders Relief/Pop-Off Valves
 Pressure Regulators Unloaders Relief/Pop-Off Valves
Pressure regulators are used on high-pressure systems to maintain and control system pressure.  Unloaders maintain system pressure and allow liquid to by-pass at low-pressure when not needed. A relief valve, or pop-off valve, is a secondary device used to protect the pump from over pressurization.
Pulsation Dampeners Pressure Gauges Thermo Valves
Pulsation Dampener Pressure Gauges Thermo Valves
Pulsation dampeners absorb pressure spikes and pressure fluctuations caused by the pump system. Pressure gauges monitor system pressure and can be used on inlet or discharge plumbing. Thermal valves help eliminate heat build-up in a closed loop system by allowing fresh water to enter.
Inlet Pressure Stabilizers Pulse Pumps Jetters
Inlet Pressure Stabilizers Pulse Pumps Jetters
Inlet stabilizers help maintain consistent pressure and flow to the inlet, improving pump performance.  Pulse pumps inject chemical downstream of the pump to prevent damaging the hardware. Jetters convert high-pressure pumps into jetting pumps by isolating one of the three valve chambers.
Filter/Strainer Guns Lances/Nozzles
Inlet Filter Guns Lances/Nozzles
Inlet filters are used on pressurized or gravity-fed systems to strain debris before entering the pump.  A high-pressure shut-off gun allows the operator to control liquid flow from the pump to the nozzle. Lances vary the distance between the gun and nozzle. Nozzles control the spray aperture/characteristics.


Bellhousings Service Tools
Protect your pump investment by using genuine lubricants from Cat Pumps. Cast aluminum bell housings maintain motor-pump alignment and are easy to install. Service tools from Cat Pumps make the servicing of our products even easier.


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