Inlet Pressure Stabilizers

Inlet Pressure Stabilizers

Captive Acceleration Tubes Provide Consistent Inlet Pressure

Inlet Pressure Stabilizers and adapters


An Inlet Pressure Stabilizer (or Captive Acceleration Tube) is used to maintain consistent inlet pressure to the pump. The internal flexible tube absorbs energy from a pressurized feed which maintains a consistent pressure and flow through pump inlet. Having consistent inlet conditions will improve pump performance and reduce the risk of cavitation.

Inlet Pressure Stabilizers are compact, and easy-to-install with a variety of adapter sizes ranging from 1/2” to 3”.

Product Range:
Up to 320 GPM 

Typical Usage:
Used on applications with long feed lines, booster pumps, or high temperature.

Stainless steel adapter and elbow assemblies, Polyvinyl Chloride/Polyester/Butyl internal hose.

Inlet Pressure Stabilizers

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