Mag-Jet Technology Quickly Converts Water Blasting Equipment to Water Jetting Equipment

Mag-Jet Jetters


Cat Pumps’ MAG-JET assembly converts a high-pressure pump to a jetting pump by isolating one of the three valve chambers. To install a MAG-JET simply remove the inlet valve plug and valve assembly from a valve chamber, then insert the MAG-JET and tighten. To activate jetting action, push in its handle. To return pump to full-flow high-pressure operation, pull out the handle. Very easy to install and very easy to use.

Product Range:
Available for pump models: 3CP1120, 3CP1120G, 3CP1130, 3CP1140, 66DX30G1I, 66DX35G1I, 66DX40G1I, 56, 56G1, 57, 59, 59G1, 60, 60G1, 310, 340, 350, 45, 5CP3120, 5CP3120CSSG1, 5CP5120, 5CP5150G1, 58G1, 51G1, 660, 1050, 5CP6120, 7CP6170

Typical Usage:
Used for sewer jetting applications.

Special magnetic stainless steel valve material.

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