Pulse Pumps

Pulse Pumps

Industrial Duty Pulse Pumps Provide High Pressure Downstream Injection

Pulse Pumps for Plunger and Piston Pumps


Pulse Pumps are designed to inject harsh chemicals downstream of the pump, ensuring the pump is protected from potential damage. In order to operate properly, a metering valve and a closed-center 3-way ball valve are required. Conversion instructions to install on plunger or piston pumps can be found on data sheets for models 6350, 6300, 6305. Existing pumps can easily be retrofitted in the field.

Product Range:
1 - 12 GPM, 500 - 3000 PSI

Typical Usage:
Used for harsh chemical application.

Stainless steel internal components, Hi-Temp seals, Fluorocarbon o-rings.

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Pulse Pumps - Chemical Injection

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