High Temperature Pumps

High Temperature Pumps

Industrial Duty High Temperature and Run Dry Pumps

Model 2DX05ELS High Temperature Plunger Pump
Model 1051 High Temperature Plunger Pump
Model 6841 High Temperature Plunger Pump



High-temperature liquids place extraordinary demands on system components, especially the pump. Premature pump failure can lead to production downtime, added maintenance costs, damaged final product and increased personnel hazards. Avoid potential problems by counting on Cat Pumps field-proven technology for your high-temperature applications.

Cat Pumps high temperature pumps can handle liquids up to 200°F/93.3°C and perform in intermittent run-dry conditions. Flow range of 0.5 to 20 gpm/1.9 to 75.7 lpm and a pressure range of 100 to 3500 psi/6.9 to 241.5 bar. Available in brass, nickel aluminum bronze and stainless steel to cover a wide variety of applications.

For unmatched reliability, choose Cat Pumps high-temperature pumps.

Common applications include:

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